ESSIAC® Recommended Dosage

Revitalise Your Immune System

Many people today are using Essiac to get their immune system back into balance.

The programme for ESSIAC® is as Follows

ESSIAC® Extract Liquid:

Maintenance programme:
10.5 OZ, 300ml, bottle of Liquid Extract. 2 Teaspoons every 12 hrs. You require 6 bottles for this programme.

For major illness:
4 teaspoons every 12 hrs for the first week and then 3 teaspoons every 8hrs for the next 11 weeks. You require 12 bottles for this programme, repeat as recommended dosage1necessary.

ESSIAC® Powder Formula:

1.5 OZ, 42.5 grams, bottle of powdered tea.
Maintenance programme:
2 tablespoons every 12 hrs – your require 6 bottles for this programme
For major illness:
4 tablespoons every 8 hrs. You require 12 bottles for this programme. Repeat as necessary.

Take 1 hour before or after food. For the best results, and for ESSIAC® to be effective, it is important to follow the programme and daily dosage described, to get the desired effect.recommended dosage2

ESSIAC® is; all natural – safe – effective – drug free with no side effects. ESSIAC® can be taken in conjunction with any other vitamin or supplement.